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Amour Healthcare Services

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Amour Healthcare Services


Ensuring your recovery and well-being in your own home.

Here at Amour Healthcare Services, we offer various health care services that assist in your needs at home. Our experienced and qualified staff is ready to give you the best care you deserve to recover and improve.

Our services are:

We provide you with round-the-clock care to ensure a healthy recovery.

For those individuals who have complex medical conditions and need thorough maintenance, our skilled nurses are here to look after you. This service is performed by our licensed and registered professionals who dedicate themselves into improving your health.

Nurse taking care of elder woman bandaging a wound

Our nurses perform the following:

  • Wound care
  • IV therapy
  • Infection prevention
  • Catheter care
  • Complete assessment and care education
  • Medication management and administration

For inquiries and more information about our skilled nursing service, please contact us or set an appointment.

We assist you so you can perform your daily activities with ease.

If you need someone to help you around the house or someone to do your errands, our home health aides will be there to assist you with your needs. Our certified caregivers work with you to ensure your recovery is going smoothly with the independence of going about your daily routine without difficulty.

nurse checking blood pressure of elder woman

Duties of a home health aide are:

  • Checking vitals
  • Administering medications with nurse supervision
  • Assisting with personal care
  • Light housekeeping
  • Running errand and grocery shopping
  • And more

If you have questions, concerns, or inquiries about this service, please feel free to contact us or set an appointment.

We are here to help you manage your pain and recovery.

Your recovery and pain relief is a priority to us. Whether you want to manage your pain, recover from an injury, or improve your post-operative recovery, our therapists are here to help you with your physical rehabilitation. We make sure you get the physical therapy program that is suited to your preference and recovery.

elder man doing physical therapy

Our physical therapy service consists of:

  • Pain assessment and management
  • Fall prevention
  • Home safety education
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Rehabilitation
  • Endurance and strength training

If you would like to know about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Perform your daily tasks with confidence and independence.

During the recovery process, the body has a hard time going back to its normal routine. Our occupational therapists are here to provide you with practical solutions on how to gain back your independence in doing your daily activities.

caregiver assisting elder man

This service assists you with the following:

  • Upgrading activities of daily living
  • Re-educating the muscles
  • Improving fine motor skills
  • Developing perceptual fine motor skills
  • Training neuro and sensory development

For questions, concerns, or more information about our occupational therapy service, please contact us or set an appointment.

Supporting you and your family during difficult times.

We understand the challenges that come with deciding on a care plan for your loved one. Our medical social workers are here to help you with arranging your loved one’s paperwork and makes the transitioning process easier for them.

elder man and woman talking

Medical social workers perform the following:

  • Assessment
    • Psycho-social needs
    • Community resources
    • Emotional needs
    • Financial needs
  • Counseling
  • Educates the patient and family

If you have more questions and concerns about our medical social services, please feel free to get in touch with us.


For inquiries and information about our healthcare services, please contact us or set an appointment.

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  • Opened
  • 2018
  • State: Texas
  • City: San Antonio
  • Address: 3846 Sweet Olive
  • Zip Code: TX 78261
  • Phone: 210-388-4388

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