We help people learn about exciting NEW Services opening in their communities!!

ComingNextDoor was founded to help people find great Service Providers bringing completely NEW businesses or services to their area. Service providers can list their new businesses, make, coming soon announcements, grand opening announcements, and let communities know about the new jobs, promotional offers, and other exciting services they are bringing along!

People can for exciting new businesses by their location or category, those binging jobs or discounts, special offers, grand openings, coming soon or recently opened, and more!

Our Mission

ComingNextDoor helps people learn about and discover new valuable resources within their communities, empowering them with tools that connect them to the resources that play an important role in enriching their lives.
We provide tools that help people easily share favorite new resources with family, friends and connections, thereby increasing the impact a resource can have within a community.
We provide a platform through which we work with zeal, to improve and enhance existing ways by which communities learn about new resources, access these resources, and connect (and maintain valued relationships) with other members of the community as well as with reliable resource providers.

Our Vision

We envision:
- A world in which everyone is fully aware of all new valuable resources coming into their community;
- A world in which everyone has the possibility to tap into the ideal new resources available within their community;
- A world in which everyone is empowered with easy to use tools helping them make better choices that enrich their lives.

Whether you are opening a new hair salon, a new Restaurant, a new casino, a new hotel, a new church, a new clinic; people in your community need to hear about the exciting new services you bring along!
We have just the right tools to help you grow and also build a new community!
ComingNextDoor is a community. We are a platform that brings local businesses together with customers to strengthen local economies and create a closer, more tightly-knit community. Whether looking for a local restaurant, a fun event for you and your friends, or a new place to call home, ComingNextDoor brings the best your community has to offer in an easy-to-use platform for both customers and businesses. Be a good neighbor. Start exploring!

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