Terms of Service for Service Providers

Please read these Terms of Service ("Terms", "Terms of Service") carefully before subscribing to ComingNextDoor as a Service Provider. These Terms apply to all Service Providers on comingnextdoor.com.

Important: Apart from these Terms of use for Service Providers, General Terms of Use (Terms of Service for ALL comingnextdoor.com users) also apply to Service providers.

1. Purpose

These Terms of Service set the conditions under which Service Providers are allowed to utilize the Services of ComingNextDoor to create listings and Promotions, and sell on comingnextdoor.com.

By accepting these Terms of Service you agree that they are binding when you create Listings or Promotions, or Sell your services on via ComingNextDoor.

2. Information about ComingNextDoor - Our Mission

ComingNextDoor helps people learn about and discover new valuable resources within their communities, empowering them with tools that connect them to the resources that play an important role in enriching their lives.
We provide tools that help people easily share favorite new resources with family, friends and connections, thereby increasing the impact a resource can have within a community.
We provide a platform through which we work with zeal, to improve and enhance existing ways by which communities learn about new resources, access these resources, and connect (and maintain valued relationships) with other members of the community as well as with reliable resource providers.

3. Accounts (Registration)

You have to create an account with us to be able to create listings and promotions on comingnextdoor.com. You will be required to provide us with more information about yourself than the average consumer (Resident) on ComingNextDoor. This information may include (but not limited to) your address, your business details, incorporation information, nature of products, Tax ID number, personal ID details, government related documents.

This information may be used to verify your the validity of your information and transactions with us and other ComingNextDoor users.

4. General Guidelines

As a service provider, you agree to:

  • Provide accurate and up to date information in your account.
  • Never misrepresent your services or yourself.
    • Always treat Residents fairly. Actions that may be seen as manipulation of procedures, consumers, or ComingNextDoor and any of its representatives are prohibited.
    • Always get proof of service when you provide service to Residents.
    • Do not act in a manner as to manipulate customer reviews
    • Do not contribute false or misleading content
    • Actions that intentionally damage another Service Provider or their promotions are prohibited
  • Do not promote services that may cause harm to Residents.
    • Do not engage in misleading or inappropriate behavior
    • Listings and other content or images should never be offensive
  • Adhere to all applicable laws and agree to adhere to all ComingNextDoor Policies

5. Personal Information and other Data colected

You authorize ComingNextDoor to share your information with its partners for the purpose of providing you more efficient services. Examples are sharing your user registration information with payment gateway partners to enable a smooth and less complicated payment process.

6. Payments

Service provider agrees to pay ComingNextDoor all fees agreed upon in a timely manner. Depending of applicable payment options for your ComingNextDoor account, we may deduct all fees and commissions prior to forwarding you payments for transactions made on ComingNextDoor.

ComingNextDoor commissions and fees are subject to change occasionally. You will be notified in advance of any. Changes will not affect prior transactions or ongoing agreements.

 Service provider may request extra services from ComingNextDoor. These may include advertizing on ComingNextDoor, dedicated account management, and other marketing and promotion services. We will charge these services separately, and where need be, agree on separate terms for these extra services.

7. Refunds

Service Provider agrees to adhere to ComingNextDoor Refund Policy Guidelines on ComingNextDoor.com.

Service Provider agrees to provide Residents (consumers) with all necessary refund information when creating a promotion for selling on comingnextdoor.com.

8. Links to your website

Only provide link(s) to your website where provision is made for.

Linking your website within posts in promotions (promotional listings is prohibited) if you do not have an affiliate agreement or other specific permission to that effect with ComingNextDoor. 

8. Violations:

When we identify any violation of these terms, our guidelines or policies, we will take appropriate measures including (but not limited to) refunds from your ComingNextDoor balance to Residents (consumers) for transactions affected by any violations, as well as suspension or termination of ComingNextDoor privileges or services.

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