Service Providers

Yes you can. You can have your banners in different sections of our site to permit you reach more visitors in your targeted communities. Please contact us for more details.

The most effective way of improving your visibility within communities is set up promotions. Announce your new job openings, offer discounted products and services. You can do all of these by signing up for our free NextDoor or CND Packages. Let the community know the benefits you are giving them.

When people search on, they have the option to search for listings that provide discounts, jobs, grand openings, etc. If you provides any of these, you have a better chance of being found by relevant residents.

You can also contact us to have your banners prominently displayed withing relevant categories, for relevant communities.

Sign up for a free NextDoor or CND Package, login, and start creating promotions. You can sell anything from a promotional haircut at your barbershop, a discounted dinner at your restaurant, bookings for your Casino or Nightclub grand openning, bookings for your conferences,  ...... the list is endless.

On, a service provider is any body (business or non-profit) that provides any kind of service, product or opportunity that a community can benefit from. For convenience, the words business(es) and service provider(s) are interchangeable.

It is possible that you listing is still being reviewed before publishing. This could be a security meaure to ensure community guidelines are met. Generally, your listing will be available for viewing between a few seconds and two hours.

To speed up processing, please contact support by sending us a message on our contact page.

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