ComingNextDoor is about community!

Building a great community means creating a fair and level playground that includes all possible members of the community. Our community here at ComingNextDoor is made up of users (Residents and Service Providers are two of the most important components of our community). 

Communities are made up of members with diverse values and opinions. We have to respect each other's right to free expression even when we do not agree.

ComingNextDoor has put together the following guidelines to help all members use our services fairly and with respect for everyone.

Violation of ComingNextDoor community guidelines may lead to suspension or termination of privileges. ComingNextDoor reserves the sole right to decide what is or is not appropriate use of its services. We encourage community members to report anything the deem inappropriate via our contact page on

 Apart from always acting according to the law, you should adhere to the following ComingNextDoor guidelines at all times:

  • Do not engage in misleading or inappropriate behavior
  • Provide accurate and up to date information in your account.
  • Never misrepresent your services or yourself.
  • Service Providers: Always treat Residents fairly. Actions that may be seen as manipulation of procedures, consumers, or ComingNextDoor and any of its representatives are prohibited.  
    • Do not act in a manner as to manipulate customer reviews.
    • Actions that intentionally damage another Service Provider or their promotions are prohibited
    • Do not promote services that may cause harm to Residents.
  • Listings and other content or images should never be offensive
  • Adhere to all applicable laws and agree to adhere to all ComingNextDoor Policies
  • Do not contribute false or misleading content
  • Never use ComingNextDoor to promote offensive or criminal activity
  • Never use ComingNextDoor to promote sexually explicit content and services.

Tools that help regulate user behaviour:

To make sure that users take responsibility for content they post on ComingNextDoor, you must be registered (subscribed) with any of our subscription plans to be able to post any kind of content, including comments.

Comments allow other users of a Service Provider's services to be able to review the service so that other users may benefit from the shared experiences to evaluate the Service Provider.

Like and Dislike options offer a great tool to ascertain that Service Providers try as much as possible to treat Residents fairly. The better your services, the more likes you get, the more trust you instill in the Residents (consumers).

Content Approval: Generally, we will do our best to review Service Provider listings and approve before making them available to the public. This may mean that your Promotion or Directory listing may take up to 24hrs before the public can view it.

All Violations:

  • If we identify any violation of our guidelines or policies, we will take appropriate measures. These may include suspension or termination of ComingNextDoor privileges or services.
  • If you see activity that appears to be inappropriate or violating ComingNextDoor policies, please send us a mail or message via our contact page and we will take appropriate measures.
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