If you need to return an item that was bought from a Service Provider on ComingNextDoor.com you will have to return it directly to the Service Provider.

Refund on services not received must first be requested directly from the Service Provider.

  • Service Providers must provide fair treatment to Residents who purchase their services on comingnextdoor.com.
  • As a reliable networking service provider, ComingNextDoor realizes the importance of keeping both Residents and Service Providers happy.
  • We understand that as independent businesses/entities, most Service Providers already have in-house Refund Policies setup. It is not the intention of ComingNextDoor to override these policies, however, in the interest of the Resident (consumers), Service Providers have to clearly indicate Refund conditions on their promotion pages on ComingNextDoor.com.
  • 'No-Refund' policies are permitted, as long as these are indicated in the description of Promotions.
  • As a service provider, when setting up different prices available for your promotions, it is also advised to mention if a particular price range or ticket type comes with different refund conditions.
  • In case a Resident (consumer) is not happy with the processing of their refund request, please contact us via our contact page within seven days of receiving the service. We will step in to mediate so that you are assured of fair treatment as a minimum.
  • Refunds may be subject to administrative charge deductions as long as this is clearly stated in the promotions.

Note that ComingNextDoor provides tools that help control service quality provided by any Service Provider.

Residents (consumers) can make use of the Comments section of the Service provider's listing to post their review of the services received.

Like and Dislike buttons are also a visual indicator of the level of service expected from any particular Service Provider on ComingNextDoor.com.


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