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Discover the key to creating an effective business launch and coming soon announcement

For every new venture you undertake, it is important to engage your stakeholders. For local businesses, your new community holds the key to your success. The bulk of your future clients will come from your new local community.  As a new or soon to be service provider, you have to start getting potential clients excited way before you launch.

Of course you are already aware of all the above, so we will focus on one key way to get potential customers excited about your new venture - Creating an effective Coming Soon or Business Launch Announcement.  

If you are in the process of starting up a new exciting business or service,  or simply expanding your current business by opening a new branch (for example a real estate developer launching new apartments or office spaces, a new supermarket opening in Laurel, a new clothing store, a new restaurant, etc ), then you have probably thought of making coming soon announcement. Maybe you have already made one! But you can always make it better!

In this article we will highlight the added importance of creating an effective online coming soon announcement.

A few reminders:

  1. A standard Coming Soon announcement is a great way to get communities and residents  talking about your new business opening. 
  2. Coming Soon banners and signs have been used by new businesses and services as far back as anyone can remember.
  3. Standard offline promotional material - banners, flyers, radio and TV announcements, etc - all cost money.
  4. Printed marketing material can no longer be revised or updated after printing, without extra costs!

With the above in mind, our focus today is innovation. Continue reading to get the real advantages of going full out online with your coming-soon promotion.

Let's take for example of a new bar or restaurant opening in the center of Maryland. A few months before the opening, the doors are closed, there are lots of preparatory works still going on inside. There is a big beautiful coming soon banner in front. Great! But of course the banner costs money to make. Also, its visibility is only limited to people using that street. So if you had a way of showing that banner to more people at no extra cost, wouldn't you jump at the opportunity?

Create an online coming soon announcement with an online banner, job announcements, launch offers, and more!

  • Putting up a free coming soon announcement on the ComingNextDoor platform with a great banner picture will certainly help you improve your customer reach. But that's not all. ComingNextDoor provides you the ultimate tools to help you create the perfect business launch experience.
  • Put out the word about new jobs you are bringing to the communities. Special job announcement tools are available to help you project you job opportunities so that communities can search for businesses that bring along new jobs. These are extra benefits you bring to the community, and will help you improve your community engagement .
  • You can provide all details about the services you will be offering, and make updates periodically to get residents even more excited.

More than just coming soon announcements!

  • You can use our tools to create your grand opening promotion and fully manage your promotional business/product sales! You can collect information from potential customers to help you better plan your grand opening event.  You can put up promotional packages for your grand opening and start selling them even before you open your doors! (read more here!)
  • Our promotion tools include in-built purchasing and payment capabilities. This means that customers can reserve or pay for any of your promotional offers right from our platform, thus giving you a much better insight to help you better prepare for your new customers.
  • You can create your business launch announcement today, and set up a separate a date in the future for the system to automatically start processing orders for your offers! Of course it goes without saying that you can indicate precisely on what day and time the system should stop selling your offers!

Let's get back for a second to the example of our restaurant / bar opening above (since we all do love a good meal or drink smile.  

Along with your business launch announcement, you could therefore create a free promotion offering a family meal at half price, and even implement special early bird pricing. This means that after a certain date, the system will no longer receive orders at the early bird price! If you are opening a new pizza restaurant, you could for example offer three different promo pizzas at three different prices and even add questionnaires to collect information like allergies or drink preference if you plan to offer a free drink on the side!  if you are opening a new bar, you could create a happy hour for your new bar and make customers choose from any number of drink options you wish to provide. That way you know beforehand what quantities to make available.

To recap:

  1. You create your coming soon announcement or business launch announcement on
  2. You add promotional offers
  3. Customers make reservations and you collect all etra information you want from them way before they come to your event.

How great is that for forecasting the stock you need? Priceless, wouldn't you say? So why wait any longer? Start your new business launch experience on ComingNextDoor

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